Practitioner Resources

As an unlicensed Complimentary and Alternative Medical Practitioner in the state of Massachusetts, once the bill is passed, you will be required to provide a full Informed Disclosure form to all clients within your practice to be compliant with HB 2033 / SB 1136 – An Act Providing for Consumer Access to and Disclosure of Complementary and Alternative Health Services.

By providing these forms and maintaining client records for seven years, you will be compliant with the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

We will be providing sample documents such as:

  • Practitioner’s Checklist for developing your own documents
  • Informed Disclosure sample
  • Recommendations Summary sample
  • Medical Referral sample

You can take these templates and tailor them for your particular practice.

Please note: our provision of this information does not constitute legal advice. Although these supporting documents, to the best of our knowledge and understanding, meet the requirements set forth in the proposed Health Freedom bill, there may be unforeseen consequences of the implementation or interpretation of the law. You are best served by contacting a knowledgeable attorney regarding how this statute pertains to you and your practice.

We’re developing these now, and will have them available for you soon!

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