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Freedom of access: Massachusetts has been a leader in establishing access to quality healthcare for all its citizens. This bill will serve to strengthen the Commonwealth’s commitment to its citizens’ health and wellbeing, by expanding health care options for consumers. Every citizen should have the right to access the health care practitioner, treatment or information source that best suits his or her personal needs and preferences. Other states have been successful in passing similar legislation; it is now time for Massachusetts to do the same.

Legitimizing alternative and complementary health care practices:  There is no denying that alternative and complementary forms of health care have much to  contribute to the current dialogue that is taking place in the government, academia and the health care industry. Although no license to practice is required by the state, alternative health practitioners are forming professional associations and training programs to further develop skills and provide consistent, high quality services. By legitimizing such services on a statewide level, through required disclosures relative to practitioners’ full background, education and practice, consumers will be better able to make informed decisions about their healthcare options.

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