The purpose of HFAM is to ensure that the citizens of Massachusetts have the freedom to choose and access all healing arts and ensure practitioners have the right to practice legally. This is achieved by working on a local and state level to educate the public and participate in legislative, legal or public policy reform to accomplish the above goals.

Current status:

You can read the full text of our proposed legislation here:

Our bill, sponsored by Representative William “Smitty” Pignatelli and Senator Sal DiDomenico, has begun its journey through the legislative process. We submitted this bill and provided testimony in support of it on November 17th, 2015 to the Joint Committee on Public Health. We now wait for that committee to make its recommendations.

You can still help by finding your legislators and asking them to support our bill! It is in session as House Bill 2033 and Senate Bill 1136.

Key provisions of the Health Freedom Bill:

  • Greater access to healing arts practitioners by the acknowledgment of its inherent benefits
  • Enhanced consumer protections to ensure public rights and safety
  • Enhanced practitioner safety underscoring the right to practice
  • Requiring disclosures relating to services and skills
  • Implementing uniform informed consent mechanisms
  • Allowing for the incorporation of alternative and complementary health arts by those practitioners whose scope of practice is already established in Massachusetts law

Brief History of HFAM:

Health Freedom Action Massachusetts (HFAM) was originally incorporated in 2003 as a 501(c)4 organization (contributions or gifts to HFAM are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes). In 2014 a new board was formed and revitalized the efforts to pass a health freedom bill for Massachusetts.

Over the years, there have been unsuccessful attempts to ensure safe access to the health arts through bills aimed at individually licensing the various practices of health arts.  The sheer number and variety of health art practices and practitioners has proven to be an obstacle to securing individual licensure for all health arts.

Accordingly, HFAM has worked to advance an initiative that balances consumer protections and public safety with the rights of those practicing healing arts.  With the recent passage of health care reform on the state and national levels, it is now more important than ever that consumers have the right to safely access healing arts.

HFAM’s Board of Directors is hard at work gathering the necessary support for our efforts. We’ve made the decision to fund professional help to advance this legislation. As such, we will continue to require fundraising actions until our work is done. The full process of passing our bill may take more than a year to complete. We are in it for the duration on behalf of the residents of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.